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Understanding Power Quality Problems:
Voltage Sags And Interruptions
by Math H.J. Bollen

Power quality problems have increasingly become a substantial concern over the last decade, but surprisingly few analytical techniques have been developed to overcome these disturbances in system-equipment interactions. Now in this comprehensive book, power engineers and students can find the theoretical background necessary for understanding how to analyze, predict, and mitigate the two most severe power disturbances: voltage sags and interruptions.

This is the first book to offer in-depth analysis of voltage sags and interruptions and to show how to apply mathematical techniques for practical solutions to these disturbances. From UNDERSTANDING AND SOLVING POWER QUALITY PROBLEMS you will gain important insights into various types of power quality phenomena and power quality standards Current methods for power system reliability evaluation Origins of voltage sags and interruptions Essential analysis of voltage sags for characterization and prediction of equipment behavior and stochastic prediction Mitigation methods against voltage sags and interruptions.

Table of Content
  • Preface
  • FTP Site Information
  • Acknowledgments
  • Overview of Power Quality and Power Quality Standards
  • Long Interruptions and Reliability Evaluation
  • Short Interruptions
  • Voltage Sags-Characterization
  • Voltage Sags-Equipment Behavior
  • Mitigation of Interruptions and Voltage Sags
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix A: Overview of EMC Standards
  • Appendix B: IEEE Standards on Power Quality
  • Appendix C: Power Quality Definitions and Terminology
  • Appendix D: List of Figures
  • Appendix E: List of Tables
  • Index
  • About the Author
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