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Astronomy Club
Astronomy club was incepted by a group of teachers and students. The club has one computerised 4 inch Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope for astronomical observations. Recently Prof. Chetan Joshi along with Mr. C. B. Modhwadia, president of 'Indian West Coast Cosmic Explorer Society' visited us and helped our students to view super moon.

This club conducts various activities for the students of MEFGI, this include astronomy quiz, projects as well as learning of astronomy by actually conducting lectures by various physics faculties of our institution on weekly basis.

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Networking Club
Aim : Aware the students with the following terms in the Field of Networking.

Following activities will be performed during the Networking Club.

  • Establishing Network between two computers / laptops using wired Network.
  • Configuring Wireless Access Point (Wi-Fi) Router.
  • Establishing Network between two computers / laptops using wireless Network.
  • Trouble shooting the network problems.
  • File Sharing between Two or More Computer (Windows).
  • Introduction to the server operating system.
  • Introduction to Virtualization Software (VMware / Virtual Box).
  • Installation of Windows Server 2003/2008 using Virtualization Software.
  • Installation of Linux using Virtualization Software.
  • Configuring Windows and Linux Server for the following Services.
    • Web Server (Windows & Linux).
    • File Sharing Server (Windows & Linux).
    • Samba Server (Linux).
Cisco Club
Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions has partnership with CISCO for "Cisco Network Academy". Cisco Networking Academy trains the students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to Computer Network & Telecommunication Sector. Networking Academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and hands-on learning activities to help individuals prepare for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

MEFGI CISCO Networking Academy provides hi-tech learning experience to students with the ICT enable classrooms and Original Cisco Hardware. Lab setup for Cisco Academy consist of License Software & Hardware, Cisco Switches and Routers are available for the Academy students for their experiments.

Cisco Academy Strength is its Certified Trainer, Who are regularly updating their knowledge by completing updated training and clearing exams with required scores.

Movie Club
Movie club entertains staff, students and family presenting them with a theatre like experience while they watch movies.

Regional, National & International movies are screened every fortnight at the auditorium. Movie club maintains a large collection of award winning movies.

A nominal membership fee is charged for the purpose of maintaining the movie club.

Cultural Club
The cultural club of the campus is the most vibrant & active club in the campus. This club provides a platform to faculty & students to unleash & showcase their talents through various activities.

Many accolades have been received by this club through participation in cultural festival.

Art and Science are closely related to each other. The curiosity, imagination and creativity are the back bone of art and science. Studying in Professional and Technical courses, to provide a platform to excavate the hidden potential which lies within MEFGI runs a Cultural Club and Music Club for students. The institute has invested a good amount of money to have various musical instruments. Students are trained for playing various musical instruments. Once in a year the Cultural Festival or Talent Eve is organized where students get the chance to perform. Even the students of MEFGI have won various prizes in GTU Youth Festival proving their hidden talent. In their regular Time Table also Cultural Club slot occupy the meaningful place. This unique idea of Cultural/Music club again denotes uniqueness of MEFGI.

Cultural Days Celebration
The Marwadi Engineering College rejoiced Cultural Days from 15th March to 17th March 2012. During the Cultural Days’ Celebration the Cultural Committee had organized Salad Competition, Rangoli Competition, Class Decoration Competition, One minute Shaw, Musical Chair etc. The students of Engineering from all the branches had participated very enthusiastically.
Marwadi Engineering College had organized a Cultural program and a talent Evening ‘Marwadi Marvel’ on 17th March Evening on college campus. All Engineering students astonished the audience with their marvellous potential. Once again Marwadi has proved that education means providing platform to all hidden talents of the students. Salsa, Contemporary, Bollywood, Tango, Break Dance and many more dance styles highlighted the enthusiasm and talent of the students.
Marwadi occupies first position in Inter College Dance Competition at PDPU,
Marwadi is not only famous for its performance in Academics but also over all participation and performance of the students in various fields. Samrat Chhatrala and Jinu Vadera from Engineering stood first in the competition. The judges and present audience applauded with round of applause for their outstanding performance.  
Innovation Club
Innovation club is the crucible that helps to fertilise the embryonic ideas of the young minds through various means, mechanisms & expertise.

Students are actively encouraged to participate and enlace their scientific & technical talent.

More details on this can be obtained from the departmental portfolio.

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