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Industrial Visit to eITRA – Ahmedabad

Events Details

  • DATE :   Saturday, February 23, 2019
  • Time :   07:00AM to 10:00PM
  • DAY :   Saturday
  • VENUE :   eITRA – Ahmedabad

eInfochips Training & Research Academy (eiTRA), is the non-profit organization which generates manpower for eInfoChips.
eiTRA projects to deliver high quality technological solutions & industry proficiency education in varied domains including (VLSI / Embedded Systems / Networking / software / Automation / Biotechnology / Unified Engineering courses - Highly application oriented). Ranging its clientele from students & practicing engineers to company leaders, entrepreneurs and academic institutes, eiTRA has endeavoured to cater to various problems at technological and learning end , all directed towards updated industry requirements and future scope of technological enhancements.

Mr. Manish Patel explained about various domains for which eInfoChips develops related products.

1)Aerospace : eInfochips is a one-stop solutions provider in critical avionics for commercial, business, military and UAV programs.

2)Automotive : eInfochips brings advanced automotive solutions right from dashboard hardware, edge, and cloud-based analytics, to cloud and mobility enablement.

3)Home Automation : eInfochips provides end-to-end solutions for Home Automation systems, across multiple segments like lighting, security, cameras, audio/video systems.

4)Industrial Automation : eInfoChips continuously track and predict the future of industrial space and stay ahead of the innovation curve through quick adoption and application of technologies.

5)Consumer Electronics : eInfochips offers vast experience in product innovation for devices like Bluetooth and wireless speakers, home entertainment systems, smart watches, fitness trackers, mobile handsets, Tablets, TVs, In-flight entertainment, In-vehicle entertainment, video conferencing systems, meeting room manager, etc.

6)Medical Devices : Apart from designing variety of Medical Devices, eInfoChips has developed MEDICAL ATM which serves the purpose of ATM for medical requirements. (This product was shown while going for Industrial Visit to eITRA)

7)Retail : eInfochips has designed and deployed multiple solutions for its end clients including In-store retail surveillance, Handheld scanners, Point-of-Sale terminals, Digital Signage Solutions, Inventory management solutions, e-Commerce Solutions and many more.

8)Semiconductor : Various semiconductor products have been developed by eInfoChips. They have contributed in development of Verification IPs (VIPs) which are used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide.

9)Security, Surveillance and Access Control : eInfochips has been a strategic partner to the industry leaders across video analytics, surveillance, biometric security, identity management and public safety.

10)Transport and Logistics : Having worked with Fortune 100 companies to develop intelligent transportation solutions, eInfochips has established itself as an innovative and reliable partner for diverse business needs across transport and logistics industry.

One wonderful experience was given by eITRA by taking all the students to their “EXPERIENCE ZONE” where they demonstrated most of the products. In some of the cases students also experienced self dealing with the products.
After the visit, students were taken to ADALAJ STEPWELL (ADALAJ VAV) for half an hour.
Total 81 students from MCA Semester-4 and Integrated Semester-8 took part for Industrial Visit. Entire visit was managed by Prof. Nilesh Advani (Team Leader), Prof. Vivek Gondalia (Coordinator), Ms. Maitri Shukla and Ms. Bhoomika Chavda.

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