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Mr. Guterres, in a letter to the Council two days ago, expressed his “deep disappointment” at the failure of establishing an accountability mechanism similar to JIM.,adam zampa current ipl team,The first draft considered today – penned by the United States – which would have established a new investigative mechanism for one year, as well as identify those responsible for the use of chemical weapons, was rejected owing to a negative vote from Russia.,Mr. Mahiga said recent political and military improvements in Somalia offer both opportunities for progress as well as great challenges. He noted in particular the departure of Al-Shabaab from the capital and the accord reached in June in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, providing for an extension of the transitional period for another year, until August 2012..

Hernawan Rizky Yudhantoro: I have been here for three months. My main responsibilities entail management of the operational duties of the Indonesian FPU, which involves controlling the personnel’s operational activities in the field, in my role as operational officer in my contingent.,In a recent report to the Security Council, Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed that the security zone continued to function successfully, despite accusations of military build-ups by both sides and rising tensions in the mission area.,Yesterday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Haiti, Sandra Honoré, and the other members of the international community in Haiti represented in the "Core Group" (the Ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the United States and the European Union, and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States) issued a joint statement calling on the National Assembly to facilitate the return to constitutional order through the holding of elections without further delay.,hyderabad stadium t20 average score.

adam zampa current ipl team

At a news conference later in the day, Mr. Amano gave more details of the Agency’s activities in Iran.,hyderabad stadium ipl record,The attack on Hodeida is significant since it is a key access point for aid and other everyday items for ordinary Yemen..

"It seems that the first test of this resolution is Yemen: the Yemeni port (of Hodeida)  is a lifeline for the delivery of aid and the Coalition’s air strikes can kill many more people over time through famine and hunger when damaging such civilian infrastructure,” added Mr. Dieng.  ,“The returns were carried out despite UNHCR’s requests to the Angolan authorities to undertake joint screening of the unregistered group,” the spokesperson said.,hyderabad stadium t20 average score,Western Sahara is located on the north-west coast of Africa bordered by Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria. The colonial administration of Western Sahara by Spain ended in 1976. Fighting later broke out between Morocco and the Polisario Front. A ceasefire was signed in September 1991. MINURSO was deployed that year to monitor the ceasefire between the Government of Morocco and the Polisario Front and organizing, if the parties agree, a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara..

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“Sometimes we separate these into stages of prevention, mediation and peacebuilding. Other times we refer to them all as the peace continuum. But the magic of ‘Sustaining Peace’ is that all of them are brought together, under one umbrella, and one new approach,” he said.,“He congratulates Mr. Julius Maada Bio on his election as the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and all the candidates for their contributions to the successful outcome of the electoral process,” said Stéphane Dujarric.,“We must not rest until all children who have been recruited or used in violation of international law have been released, and until all children feel safe in their homes, schools and communities, without fear that they will be forced into war.”.

adam zampa current ipl team,“It is in this context that I reiterate that there must be a tangible cost for the continuation of violence in South Sudan,” he said, “there must be consequences for blatant violations of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement and broken promises to protect civilians.”,Sixty-one parties to conflict out of 63 are listed for this grave violation in the 2016 Annual Report of the Secretary-General on the issue, making it by far the most widely-spread violation..

“In the last five years, our hopes for peace have been dashed by war,” said Habiba, 32. “Earlier we had some optimism because of the dialogue established between local elders and insurgents. But right now, there is less talk of peace and not nearly enough security for making peace.”,Mr. Lacroix paid tribute to the fallen peacekeeper and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. He also conveyed his solidarity when he met with civilian and uniformed staff and thanked them for their dedication and sacrifices in very difficult conditions.,Basic medical needs cannot be met, leaving ordinary Yemenis vulnerable to preventable diseases, including cholera, which affected more than one million people last year..

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hyderabad stadium t20 average score

The other thing is that the election is really necessary in order to move forward the planned political process, including the constitutional issues, which they want to address in the future. It is a requirement that the new members be elected to work on the possible revision of the Constitution.,hyderabad stadium ipl record,The attack on Hodeida is significant since it is a key access point for aid and other everyday items for ordinary Yemen..

More than 1,000 had arrived on Thursday, he said, reporting that more were on the move behind them in search of safety, including “a small number” of Eritrean refugees.,The Intercontinental Hotel was scheduled to hold a technology conference on 21 January, organized by Afghanistan's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Also at the hotel, guests had gathered for a wedding ceremony.,hyderabad stadium t20 average score,The plane bearing Mr. Vieira de Mello’s mortal remains was to stop in Geneva to pick up his wife and two sons before continuing on to Brazil a memorial service to be held tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro. The Secretary-General was leaving New York tonight to attend the ceremony..

He discussed what action is needed now in the humanitarian space, particularly in the face of new extremist threats, but also praised the tireless role of aid workers across the world, many of whom are national staff in countries in crisis. ,hyderabad stadium t20 average score,In the resolution adopted today, the 15-member Security Council welcomed progress achieved in the operationalization of the FC-G5S and underlined the need for FC-G5S operations to be conducted in full compliance with international law, including international humanitarian, human rights and refugee laws, as applicable.,“One specific collateral measure for disarmament on which this body should certainly be able to make a contribution is the goal of preserving outer space as a realm free of conflict,” Mr. Markram said, noting that several recent trends are impacting the security and sustainability of outer space activities..

In May, the US also gave nearly million in humanitarian assistance to UNRWA in response to the violence in the West Bank and Gaza. ,On the issue of chemical weapons production sites declared by Syria, Mr. Markram said that destruction of the two remaining facilities will be verified by the OPCW and is expected to be completed within two to three months from the start of destruction.,He urged all national leaders – whether in the public or private sector – to work together, and reiterated the support of the UN and its international partners to for federal and state initiatives to promote justice and human rights, step up humanitarian aid efforts, and develop more transparent and accountable institutions.,hyderabad stadium ipl record.

The group gained international notoriety in 2014 after abducting more than 270 girls from a Government school in Chibok, Nigeria. ,lockie ferguson ipl 2022,“At its heart SSR is about ensuring safety and enabling women, men and children to live their lives free from fear,” she underscored.,Every day, families under bombardment and shelling face a nightmare and more innocent lives are lost. More than a third of Syria’s population is internally displaced..

Ms. Zerrougui underscored that children are sent to the frontlines as combatants, but many are also used in functions that put their lives in danger, such as cooks, porters, spies and informants. During their association with armed groups or forces, children are exposed to high levels of violence. Moreover, when they are captured or arrested for alleged association with armed groups, too often children are not treated primarily as victims and denied the protection guaranteed by international norms and standards of juvenile justice.,“It is particularly commendable that a nation that has endured the worst atrocities should risk its soldiers to ensure those atrocities cannot happen elsewhere,” he added.,In a statement released late yesterday evening, the UN Spokesperson explained that Mr. Ban had voiced hope that the meetings would “pave the way for the peaceful resolution of outstanding issues” in respect of the constitutional framework and the work of the National Assembly.,hyderabad stadium t20 average score.

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“We face a serious challenge – but I believe it is one that we can meet with solidarity, common action and a shared resolve,” he said.,“This marks another significant milestone” in the historic agreement, said UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric in a statement, noting that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – reached by Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union – constitutes a major achievement of nuclear non-proliferation and diplomacy, and has contributed to regional and international peace and security.,According to reports, at least nine people were killed in the suicide attack and many have been wounded..

adam zampa current ipl team,The UN Action Plan also calls for the preparation of elections and the National Conference has revealed that Libyans want a vote which can unite the country, as well as the means to emerge successfully from transition.,“We now have a draft.This draft provides solution for most of the challenges we have been facing and will be facing in the coming months,” Bernardino León said at a press conference in Berlin today..

“The Secretary-General expresses the United Nations continued support to the Government of Côte d'Ivoire in its efforts to sustain the hard-won gains of peace and stability in the country, including with the assistance of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) and other international actors,” Mr. Dujarric said.,Mr. Kobler will succeed Bernardino León of Spain, to whom the Secretary-General is grateful for his dedicated service and effective leadership of UNSMIL. The leadership transition will take place in the coming days.,Hernawan Rizky Yudhantoro: I have been here for three months. My main responsibilities entail management of the operational duties of the Indonesian FPU, which involves controlling the personnel’s operational activities in the field, in my role as operational officer in my contingent..

“Civilians are being pounded into submission or death,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, told the Geneva-based Human Rights Council during an urgent meeting on situation in east Ghouta, where some 400,000 civilians are trapped amid daily airstrikes, shelling and the reported release of toxic agents, which have killed and injured hundreds of people in the past two weeks alone.,“This has, however, triggered demonstrations in Niger’s capital given the expected detrimental effects on the delivery of social services,” he asserted.,Mali – which was once a center of trade and learning, famous for towns such as Timbouktou, and praised for its tolerance and inclusivity – became highly polarized during the latest conflicts. One of the UN aims in Mali is to re-establish trust between the various religious, ethnic, regional, economic communities..

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UN News Centre: Can you give us an overview of the conflict in Mali?     ,The Consultative Meeting on Ending the Transition, which begins on Sunday, is expected to endorse a roadmap outlining the most important tasks for the Somali Government, Parliament and regional authorities to achieve in the next 12 months.,“When we protect children from violence we not only prevent individual tragedies and support children's development and growth. In doing so, we also support the strength and stability of their societies,” he added..

adam zampa current ipl team,The formal education system has lost about 150,000 education personnel and one in three schools in the country have been damaged, destroyed or rendered inaccessible, and 5.82 million children and youth from pre-school to secondary school-age are in need of education assistance inside Syria.,“These civilians are facing harrowing humanitarian conditions,” he continued. “Many remain trapped by conflict inside East Ghouta and Afrin. All are in desperate need.” The fighting in both places has killed hundreds of civilians in the past month and displaced tens of thousands..

Adopting resolution 2417 (2018), the Security Council also called upon those “with influence over parties to armed conflict, to remind the latter of their obligation to comply with international humanitarian law.”,He said that UNAMA is encouraged that the Government of Afghanistan has stressed today that its security forces must ensure the principles of tolerance, professionalism and law-based behavior, welcoming the Government's commitment to prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against the people.,He also warned that ISIL members and its sympathizers continue to abuse social media, as well as technology such as encryption methods and communication tools within the dark web, to communicate, coordinate and facilitate their activities and perpetrate attacks..

UN humanitarians reported on Friday that aid teams have reached two camps for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region for the first time since fighting began in early November, only to find them destroyed and the former occupants “scattered”.,“Public comments were also made, glorifying convicted war criminals and calling for the return of an Republika Srpska army.”,He reported that the level of greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2017: the first time in recent years..