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The vision of the department is to produce students with an adequate understanding of the basic concepts of science and technology by providing quality instruction and research education.


The mission of the Department is to make students understand, analyze and apply fundamental knowledge of the course in the various areas of engineering and technology.

About Department

Physics, also termed as knowledge of nature is all about natural science which goes through the concepts of matter, its motion and behaviour and deals with their behaviour in relation to space and time. The domain also includes study of crucial terms such as energy and force that puts a deep impact on every component of our ecosystem and outer world. Understanding and analyzing the behaviour of universe through time and space is one of the key goals of physics. Learning physics imparts the traits of good concentration, analytical thinking and precise reasoning in the mind of students and brings up quality engineers who can innovate new gadgets and theories that would open gates of knowledge gathering and understanding the universe.

MEFGI – the top college rajkot aims to create physicists with ample of knowledge and precise understanding of nature and ecosystem. Highly qualified and experienced professors incorporate a variety of teaching methodologies including classroom teaching, demonstrating concepts and involving students in little projects. The institute has set up Labourites with numerous gadgets and apparatuses to exhibit various concepts and the behaviour of matter in different conditions. This methodology creates a strong foundation in the minds of students and helps them develop innovative ideas for creating something new and better. Regular activities like seminars and presentations are organized where students are encouraged to present current trends and latest information that keep students up to date with the latest activities and developments. Students are taken on trips to industry to show the actual applications of concepts in real situations. Collaborative learning and project handling are also taken care of to add on extra learning along with the regular curriculum.