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Chemical Engineers are at the forefront of technology and their role in modern society is becoming increasingly important. Chemical Engineering Department at MEFGI takes pride in nurturing high quality Chemical Engineering professionals for fruitful engagement in industry, research and academics.  We endeavour to generate new knowledge and technologies in the areas of chemical processing, environment, energy and advanced materials. We cherish a vibrant atmosphere that is scholarly, collegial and respectful of the rich diversity of our students, staff and faculty.
The Faculty members of the department are dynamic individuals who are committed to deliver high-quality academic programs. They are leaders in their fields and this will ensure that you are exposed to the latest developments as well as obtaining a solid basis in the engineering fundamentals. The undergraduate program benefits from the co-operative education model, offering the best mix of classroom learning and practical experience.
The world is changing rapidly and it is facing challenges in many areas such as energy, water, food, health and environment. Challenges are opportunities for Chemical Engineers who are best prepared with problem solving skills to tackle the challenges for a better and sustainable world.
Dr. Amapreet Singh Arora
Associate Professor and Head, Chemical Engineering, MEFGI, Rajkot