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Educational Visit at Global Switch Expo, Vadodara

Events Details

  • DATE :   Wednesday, August 10, 2016
  • TIME :   04:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • DAY :   Wednesday
  • VENUE :   Vadodara

Event: Educational Visit at Global Switch Expo, Vadodara


Time:04:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Day: 1

Venue: Vadodara

Department of Electrical Engineering have organized one day Educational visit at "Global Switch Expo, vadodara " for third and fourth year students of Electrical Engineering on 08.10.2016.

Prof. Atul Kunapara, and his team have arranged this visit and supported to student as a faculty coordinator during visit.

Global Switch Expo represents the ambitious and powerful spirit of India. One of the largest electrical expos in the country, Switch is to be held from October 6 to 10, 2016, in Vadodara. It represents one of the biggest networks of electrical manufacturers, innovators, technologies and partners in the industry.

During this visit student and faculty are learn about new research and innovation in Electrical Engineering.