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Industrial visit at Sumul Dairy, Surat

Events Details

  • DATE :   Wednesday, September 20, 2017
  • TIME :   1 Day
  • DAY :   Wednesday
  • VENUE :   Sumul Dairy, Surat

Industrial Visit, Sumul Dairy, Surat
Date of visit: 20th September, 2017.                 
Coordinators (Faculty):-
                           1) Mr. Jitesh Joshi
                               Assistant Prof. , Chemical Engineering Department
                               MEFGI, Rajkot
Participating Students: B.E , 4th Year (Chemical Engineering)
On 20th of September 2017 students of 7th semester Chemical Engineering of Marwadi University visited Sumul Dairy, Surat. Sumul is a brand name for milk in Surat city that is a government firm. Outside Surat, this brand serves people under the popular brand named Amul. The visit was aimed to grasp on the chemical engineering aspects of milk production. The milk is primarily pasteurized and is segregated according to the fat percentage. While segregating, cream is also separated to prepare butter and ghee. Fat wise separated milk is then packed again to cater the different milk requirements of the society. There is a lab providing for the quality control needs before and after milk is processed. There were pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchanger networks and web of pipelines to transport milk across the area all controlled by a dozens of valves. The day was well spent, learning the process flow behind the production of such a basic food requirement.