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Industrial visit at Maheshwari Logistics, Vapi

Events Details

  • DATE :   Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • TIME :   1 Day
  • DAY :   Thursday
  • VENUE :   Maheshwari Logistics, Vapi

Industrial Visit, Maheshwari Logistics, Vapi
Date of visit: 21st September, 2017.                 
Coordinators (Faculty):-
                           1) Mr. Jitesh Joshi
                               Assistant Prof. , Chemical Engineering Department
                               MEFGI, Rajkot
Participating Students: B.E , 4th Year (Chemical Engineering)
Students from 7th semester Chemical Engineering visited Maheshwari Logistics, Vapi, on 21st of September 2017. This company manufactures brown sheet of paper used for preparing packaging boxes. The raw material used for this is cardboard boxes from Indian subcontinent and are also imported from foreign countries. These used cardboard boxes are first transported to a tank wherein acids are added to make cardboard soft to remove all the pins and dust for further processing. Pulp thus generated is passed on to heated rollers to remove moisture and convert it into flat sheets of desired thickness. This process used simple mechanisms of digester and heated rollers but the complexity evolves when everything connected into a process flow and required demands are to be met relating to the quality of the end product. At the end of the day it was a fascinating learning experience.