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Expert Talk by Mr. Sandeep Hingne on 'Role of an Engineer in the Industry'

Events Details

  • DATE :   Monday, November 30, 2015
  • TIME :   02:00 pm to 03:00 pm
  • DAY :   Monday
  • VENUE :   Seminar Hall, MEFGI

Mr. Sandeep Hingne is COO at Musimoto Motors Co. Ltd. Currently working in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an BE Mechanical Engineering with MBA in PGD and also a Ph.D. holder in ‘Management Operations’ from West Coast University. He has many accolade to his name for which the ink will fell short off.
Basic knowledge of the role an engineer is suppose to play in the industry is as important as the knowledge of engineering itself. This activity of proliferating the knowledge about the importance of engineers in industries, not only helped the students, but even the faculty members. For this purpose, on behalf of Department of Automobile Engineering, MEF organized an Expert Talk Program all engineering students and faculties from all engineering department. This program helped the students and faculty members to not only gain the formidable knowledge on importance of engineer in industry, but also turned out to be of a great help for the placement of final year students Industries. The students learned about various developments in the field of aspects of engineering, which can we useful at the time of their job interview, so as to attain brownie points.  The expert talk was very informative and was fringing with the right blend of theoretical knowledge, as well as inspiration. He was able to strike the right cord by giving perfect illustrations, so that the students can well imagine the future and the filed they are about to enter. The course will surely help the students of all engineering department, in aggrandizing their role they are preparing to play.

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