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An Expert talk on ‘Signal and System’ by Dr. Nithin George

Events Details

  • DATE :   Saturday, March 30, 2019
  • TIME :   10:00 am to 02:30 pm
  • DAY :   Saturday
  • VENUE :   MB 414, Main Building, MEFGI Campus

Department of Electrical Engineering had organized an Expert talk on ‘Signal and System’ dated 30th March, 2019.
Participants: All Students of 4th semester Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department.
The main Objective of the Expert Lecture was to introduce students to application of Signals and Systems particularly for Fourier Transform and z-Transform in different areas such as speech processing, image processing, communication etc.
Brief Description of Tutorial: 
Date: 30th March 2019 | Venue: MB 414, Main Building, MEFGI Campus.
The expert lecture mainly focused on the aspects of discrete time signal processing and their applications in design of systems. The talk started with need of discrete time signal processing and convolution as an essential operation followed by different transforms in discrete time domain. The implementation of various filters such as low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject filters based on placement of poles and zeros in z-plane and its effect in frequency domain was explained with demonstration using MATLAB tool.  
Outcome of Session:
Understand mathematical description and representation of continuous and discrete time signals and systems.
Developing input-output relationship for LTI system discrete time system.
Resolution of the signals in frequency domain using Fourier transforms was explained.
Relationship between Discrete Time Fourier Transform with z-Transform was established.
Analysis of the effect of pole placemen on the design of filters